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Since 2013, we have been dedicated to helping “FERS” & “CSRS” federal employees build wealth and protect their assets. The Connolly Retirement Group is completely independent so our loyalty belongs exclusively to our clients and NOT a financial institution. Our independence enables us to establish working relationships with a number of industry leading financial service providers whose products we leverage to create customized client portfolios. We recommend only those products and services that can be tailored to suit our clients' unique needs.

Federal employees enjoy employer sponsored retirement benefits that are unique in many ways from those found at other public or private sector employers. While many pre-retirees (regardless of employer) share similar retirement planning objectives, namely careful planning to identify and provide for retirement income needs, identification of stress points in your retirement plan (like early death or long-term medical care needs) and effective and efficient management of retirement resources, financial professionals serving federal employees should be familiar with their unique retirement benefits and the resulting planning considerations.

Working with a financial professional who does not have knowledge of your unique needs and benefits programs may lead to unintended consequences and outcomes that might not be in your best interest. Selecting a Federal Focused Retirement Advisor who understands the unique needs of, and focuses on serving, employees of the United States federal government can be a judicious selection as you work to find a financial professional to assist in developing and managing your retirement plan.

Peter Connolly, of The Federal Benefits Seminar Group, provides annual benefits training required of federal agencies under public law mandates and OPM guidelines. Our half-day FERS Pre-Retirement seminars are complimentary to all civilian federal employees and their spouses. As a provider of financial literacy and benefits education seminars for agencies and their employees The Federal Benefits Seminar Group provides subject matter expertise on federal retirement benefits. With this knowledge The Connolly Retirement Group is well qualified to assist federal employees in pre or post retirement planning. Pete Connolly has provided “Federal Retirement Seminars” to over 8,000 FERS & CSRS federal employees in Hawaii, Nevada, California, Arizona and Texas.

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           FERS Pre-Retirement Seminar Topics

FLTCI: What is LTC, plan for LTC, ADL's, premium costs & options

FERS: Pension Eligibility, COLA, High 3, special provisions, beneficiaries, MRA

FEHB: While working, in retirement, costs, family members, Medicare

SURVIVOR BENEFITS: While working, in retirement, insurable interests

FEGLI LIFE: Options while employed, options in retirement, planning considerations

SOCIAL SECURITY: FRA, 25% penalty, 32% bonus, best age to file, spousal benefits


CALCULATIONS: TSP, FEGLI, annuity-pension, Social Security, Survivor Benefits, Special Retirement Supplement

TSP: Contribution limits, Traditional vs Roth, fund options, withdrawal options while employed and in retirement, spousal rights, risk tolerance, historical performance, agency matching contributions.


For information on upcoming FERS Pre-Retirement Seminars presented by The Connolly Retirement Group please contact Pete Connolly at: [email protected]